C.O.M.E.T. Award & Scholarship

Pamela Mummy – wife, mother, grandmother, friend, active community member and nationally recognized artist passed away August 18th, 2018 after a hard fought battle with pancreatic cancer.  Together with the Edmonds Arts Festival Foundation, her family has set up an annual award & scholarship in her name.

Our goal is to promote her love for classical art and her philosophy of what makes art meaningful and important.

The COMET Award is based on her understanding of the characteristics that should define a successful work of art.

C – Craftsmanship
O – Originality
M – Maturity of Style
E – Evokes Emotion
T – Timelessness

We expect to initially fund the award and scholarship for a minimum of five years and hope to continue it in perpetuity.  We can’t think of a better way to honor her life and her work – thank you to everyone involved in making this a reality!

Please follow this link to donate – www.pmummy.com/donate

~The Mummy Family