PAMELA MUMMY | Figurative Artist

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Figurative art, in all dimensions, is my passion. I started my career with drawing, but found clay and also started sculpting. I was raised in an artistic household, so I formed my art definitions early. I am continuously following themes in my painting and sculpting.  “Games” was a theme for a long time. I created paintings and sculptures of games as long as it was figurative work. Chess sets worked into this genre, including a large 52” x 52” board, with all pieces figurative.

I like my work to be intense and high contrast. I see people as powerful and unpredictable and I hope that is how my art is perceived.  I pay special attention to the eyes in my paintings and my sculpture. I love the contrast between the reflective surface of the eyes and the matte surface of the skin. In my paintings and sculpture, I like balancing a detailed, realistic face or eyes with minimal details or even a blank canvas. Absence can be just as consuming as lots of detail. I often work the Golden Ratio into my pieces. Everything in our world is somehow related to everything else and it is exciting to make that happen in a subtle way.

My current sculpture series is a play on computer terms. “Drag and Drop” is a man with a dragon plopped on his head. And there is also “Gigabyte”, “Software….and so it goes.